FluorEx Fluropolymer Capillary Technology for Rapid Multi-Analyte lmmunodetection


  • Next Generation Lateral Flow Technology for Point of Care
  • Rapid Quantitative Multiplex lmmunoassays 
  • Low-Cost Fluoropolymer Microfluidic Platform 
  • Standard lmmunochemistry 
  • Unique Optical Transparency

Introducing CFT's FluorExcMicro Capillary Film, a low-cost microfluidic fluoropolymer film that possesses unique optical transparency.

The parallel array of 10 x 200 micron capillaries allow rapid fully quantitative immunoassays to be incorporated in existing or emergent diagnostic technologies for use in the point of care clinical diagnostics market.

CFT has exclusive know-how and IP in development of immunoassays and other applications.

The micro capillary film is able to be mass-manufactured ensuring that material costs are affordable while maintaining its capabilities. 

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