Capillary Film Technology Ltd (CFT) is a technology and product development company for life sciences and clinical diagnostics. CFT is able to bring a disruptive manufacturing technique for the production of low-cost multiplex microfluidic material. Using exclusive know-how and IP, we are currently developing the next generation of lateral flow technology that allows rapid, fully quantitative multiplex immunoassays for field and bed-side/point-of-care use.


<strong>Dr. Alexander Edwards</strong> <br/>Co-founder & Director

Dr. Alexander Edwards
Co-founder & Director

Alexander is a co-founder and director of CFT Ltd as well as a lecturer in Pharmaceutics at the School of Pharmacy at Reading University, UK. Al’s research has focused upon affordable microfluidics for diagnostics applications, and formulation of complex biopharmaceuticals including live attenuated vaccines. Al is an immunologist with a PhD from Cancer Research UK’s London Research Institute.

<strong>Dr. Nuno Reis</strong> <br/>Co-founder & Director

Dr. Nuno Reis
Co-founder & Director

Nuno is a co-founder and director of CFT Ltd as well, and a lecturer at the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Loughborough, UK. Nuno’s research is focused in the development of advanced engineering concepts for miniaturisation and intensification of bioprocesses. Nuno has a background in Biological Engineering with a PhD from the University of Minho, Portugal and 4 ½ years post-doctoral experience at the University of Cambridge.

Board of Directors

<strong>Patrick Hester</strong> <br/>Chairman

Patrick Hester

Chairman of Lamina Dielectrics and Capillary Film Technology, Patrick founded Lamina in 1970. Forty years on, he is still actively involved in the development of tooling and products for both Lamina and Capillary Film Technology.

Capillary Film Technology Ltd (CFT) is a subsiduary of Lamina Dielectrics Ltd.  Lamina Dielectrics is the exclusive manufacturer FluorEx™ Micro Capillary Film and holds the following accreditations:


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